Nancy Peek McGowan

Commissioner Nancy Peek McGowan of Jacksonville, was appointed to the Commission in 2008 by Attorney General Bill McCollum. A conservative activist since 1990, she has a passion for public policy. Married to P. Ted McGowan, and mother of 5 children, Nancy began a career in politics in the United States Senate as a legislative intern while attending the U.F. in Gainesville, where she obtained a B.A. in Political Science in 1982. She's served on school P.T.A. boards, twice commissioned as a Respect Life Coordinator for the Diocese of St, Augustine, a 28 year lector in the Catholic Church, President of San Jose Country Club Swim Team 2006, serves on the Executive Board of the Justice Coalition, a victims' rights organization in Jacksonville. Nancy is currently President of the Conservative Republican Forum of Jacksonville, and is a member of the Republican Executive Committee of Duval County. She was the Duval Co-Chair, Mitt Romney for President 2008, 2010 State Finance Team, Marco Rubio for U.S., Senate, Duval County Co-Chair, Women for Marco Rubio for Senate, State Co-Chair, Social Conservatives Pam Bondi for A.G., State Co-Chair, Social Conservative for Mitt Romney for President 2012. Nancy was recognized with an award from the Justice Coalition, along with Sen. Steve Wise and State Rep. Dick Kravitz for her roll in moving the Final Closing Arguments legislation out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. She gave the pro-side of the argument against former Judiciary Senate Chairman, John Grant. The bill came out of committee 8-0. The State of Florida now has Final Closing Arguments in a jury trial for the first time in 150 years. H.B. 147 was signed into law by Gov. Jeb Bush on June 7th, 2006. Nancy also authored the original legislation for the Mandatory Physical Fitness Act for Florida public schools signed into Law by Gov Charlie Crist in 2007.